Rosary Abilities in Genshin Impact

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MiHoYo studio has published a trailer for Genshin Impact heroine named Rosary, which appeared to release major update 1.4. She is a cryo character who uses an elemental skill or Elemental Blast to deal damage over time to nearby enemies. Her abilities are as follows:

  • Normal attack – Up to five blows with a spear.
  • Charged attack – Lunge that deals damage to enemies on the way, which spends a certain amount of stamina.
  • Executing confession – Rosaria swiftly moves behind the enemy’s back and impales him with her spear, inflicting Cryo damage. This ability prevents huge enemies from being behind the back.
  • Rite of death – Author’s prayer of the Rosary. After swinging her weapon in a circular motion, she plunges Ice Lance into the ground, dealing Cryo damage. An activated Ice Lance periodically releases cold air, damaging nearby enemies for Cryo.

The trailer for the Rosary is below.

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