SEGA will release MMORPG Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis worldwide

SEGA announced yesterday that it is going to release Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis worldwide. This will happen on June 9-10 (depending on your time zone). To prevent players from encountering problems at launch, the developers will begin technical work a day or two before the launch. Due to waiting, players will receive bonuses upon login.

The global release will mark the 20th anniversary of Phantasy Star Online. But that’s not all: SEGA is about to add one of the biggest updates to the game. It will touch on the plot, game mechanics, graphics engine and character creation system. If you believe MMO Culture, then PSO2 will be made an open world game, an updated combat system, and so on. Moreover, if you are afraid for your old account, then it’s okay: New Genesis and “vanilla” will coexist. Below we will tell you about the differences.

New Genesis will be a shareware game. Her actions take place thousands of years after the events of the second part. Gamers will be allowed to run across huge battlefields without loading screens. Also here you can create almost any character in the image and likeness. Plus, the developers will tighten the graphics and release New Genesis on PC and Xbox One with cross-play support.

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