“She’s with me, CFRP”: Kurumi Diary is a good game, but with a terrible translation

If you want to take a break from the stressful life and the constant “home-work” circle, Kurumi Diary will help you with it. But never put the Russian localization.

Kurumi Diary is an anime project in which we live with a 16-year-old girl. Yes, the beginning is already promising and dubious. In fact, the game has a nice drawing and soothing music, and at the start we are told that Kurumi Diary will allow you to enjoy virtual life, in which it is always light, and people are not running around on business. An anime girl needs to buy clothes, walk with her and generally enjoy life. Only if you do not know English, then all plans will go down the drain.

Russian speakers will obviously be disappointed to learn that the girl’s name is “Seven Nuts”, and sentences like “For some reason, this vacation will live at my house for now” will quickly become normal. The flashbacks associated with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and carbon fiber are similar. As you progress, it turns out that this girl is your childhood friend and your families have known each other for a long time. With it you can draw, sit, read comics and travel.

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