Simure Vikings – RPG game about Vikings for smartphones, there are suspicions

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Publisher YOUZU is going to release a very strange game on smartphones – Simure Vikings. This is an RPG where we have to take on the role of the leader of the Vikings. We will meet different guys from Scandinavian mythology, including the gods. There are several ways to win, among them: with the mind or with an ax. It sounds nice on paper, but in practice everything is different.

The screenshots on Google Play immediately tell you what kind of project you are. Remember the ad about mafia games where “boys” are moving up the career ladder of bandits? Everything was done for 2-, and the projects themselves are not very much. Sometimes you can still see ads where you have to choose between two girls: a slave or a mistress. The last point is more related to mobile games, only with an oriental theme. So, Simure Vikings is all the same, only about the Vikings.

Simure Vikings will be released on iOS and Android. Pre-registration for the second platform is now available. It will be a shareware project with ads and microtransactions. Age rating – 16+.

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