Smash enemy Mechs in Mech Arena: Robot Showdown multiplayer action game

Plarium has announced the worldwide release of the action game Mech Arena: Robot Showdown. Players take part in online battles in the 5v5 format, they have to control the robotic mechs. We are promised a lot of maps, modes and settings “piece of iron” for yourself. There are dozens of types of mechs and weapons to choose from, which will come in handy in two modes: point capture and deathmatch. One of the advantages of Mech Arena is instant match joining and quick resurrection.

If you want some spice, you can participate in rating battles. In principle, the game has high reviews, most of them are 5 stars. At the same time, some gamers noticed that the same rewards drop out of local loot boxes. Plus, at higher levels, one rocket launcher solves for a round amount, which deals huge damage. By the way, you can shoot from it directly from the base, if only there was a “light” from the teammates.

Mech Arena: Robot Showdown is available on iOS and Android. This is an F2P project with in-game purchases up to 9 490 rubles per item… There is a Russian localization.

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