Square Enix added 3D Remake to Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy IV, what does that mean?

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Square Enix will be participating in the E3 2021 online conference. Before that, the developers decided to update the name of two games from the Final Fantasy franchise, namely the third and fourth parts. There added a postscript “3D Remake”; it happened in both the App Store and Google Play. It should be noted that these ports are more than five years old. Some insiders have started hinting that we might see 2D remakes of Final Fantasy 3 and 4. Perhaps the conversation will even go about the first two parts. Since E3 2021 starts already this week, such information can be indirectly considered a “drain”.

In general, the Final Fantasy franchise could be the cornerstone of the Square Enix presentation. Now a Japanese publisher is making The First Soldier mobile battle royale in an attempt to win over even more gamers.

As for Final Fantasy 3 and 4, the original versions came out in the early 1990s on the SNES and PlayStation 1. There was pixel art in typical 2D at the time. Mobile gamers, on the other hand, received three-dimensional graphics with chibi-style characters. So we are waiting for announcements from the Japanese; soon we will add a calendar with the E3 2021 timetable.

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