Square Enix Announces Fantasy RPG Gate of Nightmares for Smartphones

Publisher Square Enix has announced the development of a new mobile RPG. Its name is Gate of Nightmares. If you believe the announcement, then we will summon monsters, as well as pump them. This has never happened (hello Pokemon). The game is made in an anime setting. The publisher released the first trailer, but there is a maximum cut-scene on the game engine. Since this is a project for Japanese gamers, turn-based battles should be expected. We will also collect “rare” monsters (gacha).

If you are a fan of Fairy Tail manga or anime, you will be surprised: Hiro Mashima is involved in character design and creation of the local world. It is now known that Square Enix will conduct testing prior to release; the recruitment of testers will begin in the coming days. The developers themselves say that this is a “traditional adventure with swords and magic.” Local monsters emerge from bad dreams. We must save the world.

Gate of Nightmares will be released on iOS and Android. No release date. It will be a shareware project with all that it implies. A little more information on official website (careful Japanese).

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