Star Wars Hunters Trailer, Payday: Crime War PTA and Hearthstone Expansion (Video News)

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Hi mobile game lovers, in touch AppTime Media, which means that in the next 5 minutes you will receive mobile news from the week before. I must say that December this year turned out to be extremely poor for gaming news. Therefore, you will find several trailers of upcoming games, a couple of updates and several releases, but let’s talk about everything in order.

Hearthstone players split into factions

Blizzard has released a new Hearthstone expansion called Divided by Alterac. It introduced 135 new cards, two Legendaries can be obtained for free by choosing Horde or Alliance. Also, if you participate in ranked battles, in duels or fight in the Arena before January 11th, you will receive bonus Honor Points. In addition, changes were made to the “Mercenaries” mode and many cards, that is, the meta has changed. Read more about this on our website.

Touchgrind Scooter ported to Android

The sports and even extreme game Touchgrind Scooter has appeared on Google Play. Are gamers happy? Not at all. It’s all about optimization and constant FPS drawdowns, although the players have no complaints about the gameplay itself. The scooter is controlled with two fingers, you can also update and knock out new vehicles from the loot boxes. The coolest will be able to fight for the first place on the board of honor, just know – for each level and mode there are different conditions. The developers promise realistic graphics and many tasks with trophies. But for now, all this is available to gamers on iOS.

Star Wars Hunters has got a new trailer

Publisher Zynga has revealed a new video about Star Wars Hunters. In it, players saw a roster of characters, which includes the Sith, Jedi, Wookiees, stormtroopers and just bounty hunters. These heroes have unique features, but they will have to be knocked out or donated. The developers say about cross-play between smartphones and Nintendo Switch, real-time battles and no auto-mode. So far, the global release is scheduled for 2022, but on our website you will find an APK file to participate in the trial run.

The beautiful Underoath MBT has begun

Asian RPGs are widely believed to be unworthy of attention, but Underoath calls this confirmation into question. The fact is that it has excellent graphics and battles in almost real time. Even during the battles, you can change the fighters, as in fighting games and watch the cool special effects. Now the game is being beta tested in China, the instructions and the file can be found on our website. Among the advantages, I would also like to note the excellent anime-style video inserts and high-quality Japanese voice acting. Well, as for pumping, new heroes can take over the abilities of the old ones so as not to spend a lot of time grinding.

Police Sim 2022 lets you become a police officer

Police officer simulator, Police Sim 2022, has appeared on smartphones. Players can move freely around the city, which is filled with pedestrians and vehicles. In a police car, you can turn on a siren, turn signals, emergency lights, and so on. The missions are divided into several modes, including “parking and radar”, “fugitive”, “pursuit” and “surveillance”. The publisher reports frequent updates, weather changes and officer customization. I will also note the physics of transport, which is why even a small curb is felt by the entire suspension of the car.

Lineage W will receive a major update

Publisher NCsoft will release a major patch for MMORPG Lineage W. In the video, the developers said about another region, class assignments and a new class, the dark elf. It is tailored for PvP, because it penetrates even the thickest armor. Content will be added gradually starting this month. NCsoft stated that Lineage W beat all expectations and became the publisher’s best game. But the opinion of the players is different, they complain about the donation, the bad interface and the heavy weight of the project. In addition, the release in Russia was postponed at the last moment, so the “World Lineage” is available only in Asia.

Payday: Crime War PTA Started, But Little Changes

The legendary and almost forgotten by all Payday: Crime War has entered the beta stage. So far, the game is available for a limited number of gamers and only on Android, although the developers promise to rectify the situation over time. We have already played the game and, according to the idea of ​​Crime War, resembles a mixture of Rainbow Six and the original Payday. In fact, the players are divided into two teams – robbers and policemen, and each side has unique characters with their own abilities. Your task is to interfere with the other side. The graphics do not reach the level of a sane project, and the shootings are reminiscent of a cheap unit shooter from a novice game designer. We hope that the history of this project will still end well and a decent game will await us at the exit.

And that’s all for me, dear friends. Do not forget to vote for the best games of this year, and also stay tuned for the latest news on our website. Good mood everyone, bye.

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