Started OBT strategy Epic War: Thrones in some countries, cool battles like Total War

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Archosaur Games, which gamers know from games like Dragon Raja and World of Kings, has launched the OBT of its next project, Epic War: Thrones. This is a mobile strategy that will appeal to fans of large-scale battles, like in Total War. Before the battle, we select generals that differ in their rarity level (gacha). After that, our voivode moves across the world map to the nearest enemy army. Players can choose the formation of their troops and then follow the auto-battle.

All units on the battlefield are drawn, so it is interesting to watch the battle of many thousands of armies. But the battles themselves pass quickly, especially at first. The game is made on Unreal Engine 4. In addition to wars, we are allowed to use “soft power.” That is, to develop production, increase trade with other kingdoms, and so on.

Epic War: Thrones beta is already available on iOS and Android in a limited number of countries. Among them, there is definitely New Zealand.

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