Summer Update for Bless Unleashed Adds New Boss Type

The developers of MMORPG Bless Unleashed have presented the summer update of Awakened for the console version. It will be released on August 19 and will add a new type of field bosses to the game called TWISTED Field Bosses, which can be found in the open world. There are no details yet, but the authors recommend pumping up well before the update is released, which means that these bosses are most likely designed for high-level players.

In addition, the updates will bring various improvements to the combat processes of dungeons, campaigns (Crusades) and the open world. The interface will also undergo improvements. Changes will be made to the chat tabs where players can choose what information they want to display. Emoticons for chat will appear, obtained through the game or through the in-game store.

Also, the developers will make some changes to the blessings system, skills and combos. Finally, it will be possible to combine costumes for improvement.

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