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Tanks Blitz is collaborating with comics from Bubble

Lesta Games has launched a collaboration event in the multiplayer action Tanks Blitz (World of Tanks Blitz) with the largest Russian comics publisher Bubble. Until June 11, 2023, players will be able to take part in battles on behalf of Besoboy, one of the main characters of the comic book series of the same name, who has signed a contract with the Council of Equilibrium and now hunts demons.

Besoboy has turned into an Object 777 tank and fights Dracula, Gravedigger, Lycan, Pharaoh and other dark creatures from the Bubble universe. In this he is helped by a cunning and impudent partner, the imp Shmyg.

By participating in the event, players can receive various rewards, including avatars, camouflage, and ammunition.

Бесобой в Tanks Blitz

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