Tencent’s RPG Manasis Refrain Available in Japan

Tencent launched Manasis Refrain in Japan. After that, a global release awaits us.

Manasis Refrain is a touching RPG in which you become a student of a school of magic and adventure. By the way, three freshmen live with you in the room, you have to lead your daily life with them. The plot is made for show – the Demon King was defeated long ago and now everyone lives in peace and tranquility. However, the trailer shows battles in the same format as in Genshin Impact.

In fact, in Manasis Refrain, we create a squad of heroes, between which you can freely switch. They have their own elements, as well as combo attacks that can be combined with different characters. In addition to battles, players are expected to fish and collect materials for alchemy. As you progress, you can visit the fields, swamps and even caves. The developers also give the opportunity to furnish your home.

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