The App Store and Google Play will be investigated

UK government agencies that study the mobile market for competition have decided to investigate the App Store and Google Play. The issue is that Apple and Google may have a monopoly on mobile browsers and, interestingly, cloud gaming.

It is likely that Microsoft and Nvidia are involved in the latter issue with their xCloud and GeForce Now services, respectively. Moving back to mobile browsers, you may know that both Apple and Google are required by law to offer alternatives to Safari and Google Chrome, in 2021 alone, 97% of UK web browser browsing came from these browsers.

There are more complaints against Apple on the issue of cloud gaming, as it prohibits third-party services in its market, which is why companies have to go to tricks or not at all. score on this topic.

The investigation of British politicians could take up to 18 months. In the meantime, these same people are studying the deal between Microsoft and Activision.

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