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The authors of Subnautica 2 commented on players’ concerns about the game’s monetization model

After Krafton’s financial report, the Subnautica game community raised concerns about the project’s monetization model. Players began to speculate that the game would feature microtransactions, battle passes, and that the game would require cooperation with other players to complete it. Therefore, the studio Unknown Worlds Entertainment, which developed the original game and is now working on Subnautica 2, commented on the concerns of players.

  • As for the game-service model, this means that the game will receive updates for several years, like previous games. There will be no seasons, no battle passes, no subscriptions.
  • The game is not multiplayer oriented. It will only become an optional way to play. You can enjoy the entire game in single player mode.
  • Early access isn’t scheduled for 2024, but the developers will be sharing a lot more information about the project this year. Follow the news.

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