The authors of the shooter Squad have released notes for the upcoming update 3.0

Offworld Industries has published a patch note for the upcoming 3.0 update for the multiplayer shooter Squad. The update should be released on June 23 and will include a huge number of fixes, as well as fresh content.

List of the main innovations of version 3.0:

  • New faction: Faction of the US Marine Corps.
  • recycled water: Players will be able to interact with water in a new, more realistic way. For example, raising weapons above your head when crossing rivers, and so on. Amphibious properties will also be added to some vehicles.
  • New technology: CAF Coyote armored reconnaissance vehicle and CAF CH-146 transport helicopter.
  • New map: The location “Black Coast” will perfectly demonstrate the landing capabilities. There will also be a training map dedicated to amphibians “Pacific Proving Grounds”.
  • New visual effects: Mud, snow and other effects will accumulate on characters. Animations and much more will also be fixed.
  • New sounds: Firing sounds for some rifles will be reworked. Soundtracks will be added.
  • Bug fixes, balance, SDK and map updates.

You can find the full list of changes in the official post from the developers on Steam.

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