The Crew 2 – New Season Start & Free Weekend

Season 4 of Episode 1 kicks off on November 17 in The Crew 2’s multiplayer arcade racing game. In the update, players will find a new activity type, “City Services”, which will allow you to fulfill orders for delivery on the streets of major US cities. Missions are available from three transport companies in the city: Marco’s Cab, Diamond Limousine and The Rocket Company.

In addition, new cars have been added that can be purchased for bucks and credits: Chevrolet 3100 (Street Race), Cadillac Deville (Coupé) (Street Race) and Ford Crown Victoria Marco’s Cab (Street Race). Another battle pass has traditionally been added as well.

If you have not purchased The Crew 2, then from November 18th to 21st, you will be able to evaluate the game for free. During this period, there will also be a discount on various publications in the amount of up to 80%.

The Crew 2 - Сезон 4 Эпизод 1: THE CONTRACTOR - Трейлер

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