Even though the MOBA shooter Battleborn was removed from the digital distribution stores a year ago, small fans of this game could continue to play as the servers remained open. However, on January 25, 2021, the project will finally cease to exist, and former screenwriter Aaron Linde is very sorry about this:

“The Battleborn servers will be shutting down in just a few weeks. – he wrote on Twitter – When this happens, it will look like the game never existed at all. All the work, love and blood put into this game will disappear with it, and I am really heartbroken about it. “

“I am grateful to every person who has ever told me that playing means something to him. – he added – For every line written for me. I hope that some of this will live in your memories as well as in mine. “

Aaron Linde is currently working at 343 Industries on Halo Infinite. He left Gearbox shortly after launching Battleborn in 2016 and has also worked at Bungie. Although the game turned out to be a flop, the developer still loves it and wants to “do something just as strange, personal and peculiar” sometime in the future.

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