The developers of Albion Online talked about the changes to magical staves in the Into the Hell add-on

The creators of MMORPG Albion Online have started to release more details about the upcoming Into the Hell expansion, which was announced on May 6th.

The addition at the beginning will include improvements to fire, sacred, cursed and wood staves. However, later additional ones will change to more mystical and frosty ones. All of them will go to “a whole new level”, with the goal of adding the feeling of more powerful weapons.

In most cases, the balance, sounds, animations and visual component will be changed, however, spells will also undergo changes in some situations. For example, the Pyroblast of fire staves will be converted into a charged spell, Thorns of wood staves will be reworked into a ground spell, new skills will be added for the Q-slot for almost all magical weapons. You can find more detailed information about the improvements in the article.

Recall that the release date of the large-scale update “Into the Hell” has not yet been announced and it is expected closer to the end of the 16th season.

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