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The Division 2: How to get all 12 hunter masks

The hunters that appear will be level 35 immediately, so it is advisable for players to first reach level 30 and proceed to complete the main plot of the game. In addition, we strongly recommend that you also spend some of your time improving the equipment score. It will be extremely difficult for an unprepared agent to deal with a hunter. Although you will receive possible target reports both during the day and at night, we advise you to always go for masks at night. This way you can avoid some possible problems.

Ghost Mask and Ghost Mask

The first two masks on our list are probably the hardest. Hunters are already incredibly strong opponents, but completing this series of “missions” will surely be remembered in a special way among all other campaigns for hunting masks. To make your task easier, we have already collected all the necessary information and now we are happy to share it with you. It is worth noting that figuring out all this on your own would be very difficult for most players.

Salute the three graves

The first place you need to head to is the checkpoint located on the Washington Monument. Once you reach it, you can go down the elevator shaft. There you will find yourself in a spacious room with a small monitor. Turn it on (right behind where you found the Bill of Rights). Activating the button below this monitor will display the coordinates of three points on the screen.

Keep in mind that all these steps can only be performed at night. Therefore, first wait until 19:00 in-game time. You can find out what time it is now by turning on the photo mode from the menu and looking in the upper right corner of the interface that opens.

The points marked on the monitor screen are three graves that you have to visit and give them the last military honors. To do this, you need to go to each of the graves and select the “Greeting” emote. Each time you salute, small static will appear on your screen. This means that you have successfully completed one of the required steps. If you don’t specifically pay attention to this fact, it’s easy to miss it, so keep a close eye on your mini-map.

The first point marked on the monitor is directly southeast of the control point northwest of the Washington Monument. When you get close to the shipping containers, you will notice a towering pile of earth – this is the grave.

The second grave is located northeast of the Washington Monument. Go to the point marked on the map below, and a little off the main path you will find the second burial.

To find the third grave, head southwest of the Washington Monument. Along the path between the monument itself and the passage you will see small thickets. The grave is located almost perfectly in the line of sight, if you look at the monument between the bushes.

Once you’ve saluted all three graves, head back to the Washington Monument and again descend through the elevator shaft into the screen room. Approach the monitor, on which the coordinates of the graves are marked, and press the button below it again. If you did everything correctly, you will see an orange circle on the monitor. This completes the first stage.

Find hunters

Now that you’ve saluted all three graves, make sure it’s still night outside and head northwest of the Washington Monument. You need to move to the point marked on the map below.

This will be the area marked with the CERA logo. You want the part that says GENERAL CARE and MONUMENT FIELD HOSPITAL. Inside it you will see another inscription – MISSING PERSONS. That’s where you need to be.

The first of the hunters with a high degree of probability will appear in this zone. To find it, look around for a small shipping container suspended from a crane. If he is there, then you will see him hiding on the roof of the container. Make sure you have a powerful sniper rifle with a specialization or a grenade launcher. Then shoot. If you manage to kill him with one shot, then a Ghost Mask will fall at your feet. If you are not lucky the first time, you will have to wait a full day cycle, return to the monument, press the button again, and then return here again and try to kill the hunter with one shot again.

Once you get the ghost mask, you can go for the Specter Mask. As in the first case, you need to kill the hunter with one shot. Unfortunately, it may spawn on one of several buildings near the Washington Monument. Keep an eye on your minimap and as soon as you notice interference on it, try to stop and spot the hunter. Most often, he appears on the roof of one of the buildings northwest of the monument. However, he can escape from there.

Remember that all these stages must be completed at night, otherwise the hunters will not appear.

Ghoul mask

The next mask we will talk about is the Ghoul Mask. As with the Ghost Mask, you’ll have to run around a bit to get it. First head to the point marked on the map below. This is the sewer entrance north of Operation Lincoln Memorial. Then follow the tunnels to a small room with a laptop on the table.

When you turn on the laptop, the light will turn on and illuminate the map hanging on the wall. It has two marks on it. The first indicates the place where you are now. In addition, an incomplete moon is depicted above it, which indicates the need to complete the task at night. The second mark on the map is indicated by the inscription “X marks the spot”. From here, you should be heading to a nearby new location.

After you reach the point marked on the map above, look for a flickering light bulb on one of the observation towers. Aim at her and shoot. A broken light bulb will instantly cause the appearance of clouds of smoke and the hunter himself. Kill him and add the ghoul mask to your collection.

Undead mask and Midas mask

The next set of hunter masks are the Midas Mask and the Revenant Mask. To get them, navigate the map to the West End (West End). Not far from the coast you will see a bizarre semicircular building.

Head there and find a partially drained swimming pool in the middle of the courtyard. Climb into it, face the numbers on one of its sides, and use the Jump in Place emote to start jumping. This will spawn two hunters at once. Kill both and add the Midas Mask and the Undead Mask to your collection.

Spirit Mask

To get the next hunter mask, you will need to travel to the eastern part of the city, to the Southwest area. There you will find a memorial wall with names engraved on it, as well as an unusual faint glow near the wall. Stand in front of the memorial with the names, shoot the lantern, stand behind it behind the fountain and give a military salute. If you did everything right, then another hunter will appear.

Kill the hunter and get the spirit mask.

scarlet mask

Next in line is the Crimson Mask. To get it, you will need to go through the western border of Judiciary Square. To the west of the District Union Arena Stronghold mission, you’ll find a courtyard with walk-throughs on either side. Look for a pair of adjacent doorways with a mirror between them. Go through them and at the reception you will see a lonely standing computer.

Activate it. Exit the room and run across the yard to the opposite side. There again go through the same pair of doors and find the phone in the room. As soon as you activate it, a hunter will appear in the courtyard. Deal with him and get the scarlet mask.

Cross mask, diamond mask, death mask and phantom mask

This time you will have to test your strength in battle against four different hunters at once. This is quite a difficult task. Fighting four high-class opponents at the same time is very difficult. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you bring along a few friends to help you.

Once you’re ready, go to the point marked on the map above. There you will find an open courtyard with a Christmas tree in the middle of the fountain. Climb the stairs to the cafe and activate the lever behind the bar (this level only works at night). After activation, go back outside and start dancing around the Christmas tree. It is advisable to do this clockwise. The New Year atmosphere you created will inevitably cause the appearance of hunters. They don’t like the Christmas tree, they don’t like the holiday, and they really don’t like you. Get ready for a very tough fight.

As we said above, this is a very difficult fight, because four hunters will try to kill you at once at the same time. Therefore, try to prepare as well as possible for this meeting in advance. If successful, you will be rewarded with a Cross Mask, Diamond Mask, Death Mask, and Phantom Mask.

Demon mask

And finally, the last mask that players can get is the Demon Mask. She can be found in Downtown East in a commercial building near the theater. Go inside, go down the escalator and climb onto a small platform overgrown with grass with two boulders.

If you look from this platform across the hall, on the opposite side you will see many windows, some of which contain targets. Defeat them all in turn from top to bottom (left to right) and enjoy the opportunity to take on another hunter. Defeat him and complete your collection with the demon mask.

Now you know how to collect all 12 hunter masks. Stay tuned to our site to keep up to date with all the features, mechanics and tricks of The Division 2.


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