The first update for Babylon’s Fall added a mode with extremely difficult enemies

Third-person co-op action game Babylon’s Fall received the first of its planned updates, numbered 1.0.1. Together with him, the game has a new Duels mode (Duel), offering battles with extremely difficult opponents, called Warlords (Generals). Before the start of the battle, the developers recommend optimizing equipment and forming a strategy with the group.

This mode includes a new Kur quest with Hard and Very Hard difficulty levels. You can open it after completing the Heart of the Blue Sun quest. To start the walkthrough, you need to go to the Quest Board, go to Tower of Babylon ⇒ Thieves’ Cloister, and then select Kur: Hard or Kur: Very Hard. As a reward, you can get the rare Dragon’s Horn material and the Cobra Bangle accessory.

Babylon’s Fall was released on March 3rd and received extremely low ratings, becoming a real flop. At the time of this writing, the game has an average score of 42/100 from the press and 2.2/10 from players.

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