The mystical RPG Black Stella raises many questions

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Black Stella is ranked 25th for pre-registrations on TapTap. At the same time, we only have screenshots from the anime waifu and a note from the developers that the project will not be released soon. At the same time, the release was promised a few years ago.

Black Stella is a mystical jRPG, on which the author of the manga “How to Raise a Heroine from an Ordinary Girl” is working on it. At the exit, we will get a dark setting with a world attacked by demons. As usual, all the “action” takes place in Tokyo. The developers say they will do real-time multiplayer battles.

Now Black Stella is in 25th place in terms of pre-registrations in TapTap… It is not yet clear what led to such popularity, because the game will be released in the spring of 2022. Plus, in the comments, people write that the project was promised back in the distant 2019. It will probably be released in Japan, as the official website and Twitter account with the postscript “jp” (Japan). However, the links do not work, and the Twitter account does not exist. What’s happening?

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