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The once-promising battle royale Super People 2 will close in August

The developers of the game in the genre of “Royal battle” called Super People 2, which at one time showed great promise, announced the closure of the game. Servers will be shut down on August 21, 2023 and in-app purchases will no longer be available. Refunds, apparently, will not be issued – at least, this is not stated in the announcement.

The reason for the closure of Super People 2 is its low popularity. According to the authors, due to the small number of players, matchmaking time continued to increase, and matchmaking turned out to be unfair, which did not allow for a fun gaming experience. Therefore, it was decided to close the game without waiting for a full release.

Super People 2 is a battle royale game from Korean studio Wonder People that was released in Early Access in October 2022. Initially, the game was simply called Super People, but in December 2023, the developers released a major update and added the number 2 in the title, thereby emphasizing the magnitude of the changes. However, this was not enough to attract players.

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