The Phantom X will become a new mobile jRPG – Latest details, screenshots and trailers of the game

Perfect World Games and Black Wings Game Studio have officially unveiled the mobile jRPG Persona 5: The Phantom X, previously known under the working title CODE NAME:X. The developers shared new information about the game, as well as published several trailers, screenshots and art.

Persona 5: The Phanotm X is a free-to-play mobile jRPG set in the Persona 5 universe. The game is set in Tokyo and revolves around a new team of Phantom Thieves. The novelty retains the style and basic mechanics of the original, but offers improved graphics, an adapted interface and controls for mobile devices. You play as a schoolboy who attends school during the day and engages in various activities such as baseball or watching movies with friends. After their studies, they will be able to go to another world, which is palaces with different themes, and use their Personas to fight opponents in exciting battles.

Persona 5: The Phanotm X is developed by Black Wings Game Studio, but SEGA and ATLUS P-Studio manage the process and provide resources. The protagonist and his Persona were created by Shigenori Soejima of the ATLUS art team.

The release date of Persona 5: The Phanotm X is still unknown, but closed beta testing will begin in China on March 29, 2023. You can apply on the official website (you need a Chinese phone number).

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