The release of the action Lost Castle on iOS: The Elder Scrolls: Blades and Dark Souls in one bottle

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Todd Howard likes to say “sweet little lies”, so The Elder Scrolls: Blades drags on for a maximum of a week. Then you start to drown in the sea of ​​grind and donut. I always wondered: why, when fighting mobs, our character cannot move, as in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim? This and other problems were solved by one indie developer with the help of Lost Castle. This is the same first-person action game, only now we can move freely. Our knight has a shield and a sword in his hands. To add tactics to local battles, the character fizzles out after literally a few swings of the sword. This moment is taken from the Dark Souls series. The soundtrack in the main menu is reminiscent of the first Fable.

Lost Castle is divided into levels, there are nine in total. They are quite large, with stairs and secrets. Locations are atmospheric. Knights who protect the labyrinths of the local castle await us. The first is just with swords, then there are guys with shields and even large mini-bosses. The tactic is as follows: block the first attack and then make two hits if there is enough stamina.

Scattered around the castle are bottles for HP, shields for armor, swords for increasing attack, and other goodies. Best advice: do not rush to defeat the enemy, otherwise you will collect flasks or die altogether. The enemy has clear actions: strike, move away, approach. And so in a circle. They do not have any “forbidden tricks” (I’m talking about you, mice from TES: Blades, which attack simultaneously and take away a lot of HP).

While there are small flaws: on the iPhone 8, carpets “glare”, that is, part of the texture disappears. Enemies can fall down stairs after death. Some blows go through the enemy if it is not enough to approach him or slightly turn away. This point is reminiscent of the first parts of The Elder Scrolls, where the player had a “hit chance”. But the project is actively supported and updates are already being prepared, the nearest of which will be released very soon. The most interesting thing is that this game was made by one person in a year in his free time from the main work. Now imagine what Bethesda could do?

Lost Castle is available on iOS (iPhone and iPad). This is a premium project, the issue price is 179 rubles. There are microtransactions up to 449 rubles per item… There is a Russian localization.

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