The release of Warlords, an alternative to RAID: Shadow Legends

Tired of saving the world? Conquer it with a squad of the best warriors.

Warlords is an RPG that fans of RAID: Shadow Legends will love. It was released on iOS, and now the heroes can gather in one squad to capture the local fantasy world. Of course, they differ in terms of rarity and elements. New characters are obtained through the summoning portal, the steeper the stone, the greater the chance for a rare hero.

The campaign in Warlords is divided into missions, each of which shows the enemies that you have to face; this will help to properly assemble the squad. The game focuses on PvP, so the plot is made only for the initial pumping and getting equipment. Of the modes, the Arena and even Tournaments are available to commanders. And if you join a clan, you can participate in battles for territories or go to raids. The developers also talk about “collecting tribute”, probably this is directly related to the control of guilds over specific locations.

So far, Warlords has received poor reviews at 3.2 stars on Google Play. It’s all about bugs, for example, there is music, but the screen is black. Another player “Valery Gusman” complained that when using the legendary contract, epic heroes drop out, that is, there are problems with the donation.

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