There is no donation in the role-playing game Lost Vault, but you can play 10-15 minutes a day

Lost Vault is out on smartphones. This is an arcade MMO with too much text, but the old-school fans will love it.

Lost Vault is a classic RPG where we create a character and pump up his stats. The project is now available on both mobile platforms. Abilities include strength, luck, dexterity, intelligence, and so on; in general, pure Fallout. Despite the fact that the battles take place in auto-mode, and all models are made in 2D, the developers say that there are no auto-modes.

Lost Vault is positioned as a mixture of post-apocalypse and fantasy. For example, you can play as a ranger, rebel, warrior, or magician. At the same time, it is difficult to fight alone in the Wasteland, so the developers offer to join a clan, plus they give bonuses for this, and together with your comrades you can attack dangerous bosses.

In addition to battles and social features, the construction of a shelter was added to the Lost Vault, while you can attack enemy houses. The developers promise that donation does not affect the balance, and there are no ads in the game. By the way, in addition to PvE and dungeons, the game has 20 more locations for exploration and PvP. In general, the creators value your time, so they introduced a limitation in the form of water supplies. They finish in about 10-15 minutes, so long sessions are excluded.

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