Tomb Raider Reloaded from Square Enix released

Publisher Square Enix has launched Tomb Raider Reloaded on iOS. Can you steal treasures from the tombs?

Tomb Raider Reloaded is an Archero-style mobile project from Square Enix. That is, in it you need to move Lara Croft, who runs away from traps and falling stones. It shoots automatically until we move. For obtaining a new level, we are given one of the random abilities, for example, a bonus to experience, damage, and so on. It turns out that during any playthrough, you can customize Lara to suit your style of play.

The most important thing is to earn coins during the races, for which we then pump the equipment. By the way, in addition to levels with mobs, you can come across locations with riddles and even battles with bosses, which sometimes seem monotonous. But they give out a lot of damage, plus they give you a spin of the wheel of fortune.

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In the latest update to Tomb Raider Reloaded, the developers added an eighth chapter with new enemies, abilities and a random chance to reset abilities once per playthrough. There is no information about the version for Android yet. We’ll update the news if something comes up.

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