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Top 5 MOBA games for iOS and Android: League of Legends, Heroes Evolved and others

Greetings, site readers AppTime! Hungry for a new article on cool mobile phones? Then get the top 5 MOBA games. I can tell right away that the competition is fierce, so we will take a microscope and look at all the details in order to come to the final conclusion: “What to download?” For such labors with you, as always, a thumbs up and a comment with the final verdict. Go!

Video version

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

I’ll start with the leader of the genre, namely Mobile Legends. At the start we are greeted by awesome Russian voice acting and understandable training. Everything will be clear to veterans of the genre: we kill creeps, earn gold, destroy towers and take victory for ourselves. The game “leads by the handle”, but there is no negative from this, because you enjoy the gameplay and just bend over. It comes to the point that you are automatically recommended a lane, of which there are three in Mobile Legends: mid, experience and gold lines. There is no need to run to the store for equipment, matches last about 10 minutes. In the end, they give out your statistics in comparison with other players on the same hero. If you soon feel weaker than your opponent, there are tabs in the menu with training and an introduction to local terms.

Of the interesting details, I can single out the system of emblems, which are something like the branches of pumping in an RPG. They increase health regeneration, attack speed, crit chance, and so on. New emblems are revealed gradually, so the head does not hurt from the influx of information. Everything is fine according to the graphics, a mediocre smartphone pulls out Mobile Legends on ultra-settings. From personal impressions, I want to say that the game is addictive and you shouldn’t pass it by.

Heroes evolved

Next, we move on to Heroes Evolved, which resembles a slightly budget version of Mobile Legends. Almost the same training awaits us at the start, during which developers lead by the handle. From the differences, I can note that the offscreen voice swears when you make a ramp. He yells: “Holy Shit!” You can teleport to the base and to the towers themselves, like you saw in Dota 2. The character willingly auto-attacks enemies and mobs, although sometimes this can interfere and instead of the player you will fight a weak creep.

The latency is minimal and this is on sluggish 4G, even Wild Rift can hardly boast of such a thing. And this despite the fact that there is always no space on the servers. Another curious detail: next to the ability buttons there is a short description, for example, a buff, AoE, or single target attack. When you play as a new character, this feature allows you to quickly understand his abilities. The rank selection is very friendly: the fight is tense, there is no particular advantage in the score throughout the entire rink. In general, I felt like I was at The International.

Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor is the international version of the Chinese King of Glory. The game is made at the level of the same Mobile Legends, although the main menu is a little overflowing with information. There are three modes: a random match, a regular 5v5 battle and rating skirmishes. Characters are easy to understand, there are typical tanks, healers and DPS. What struck me the most was when I saw the Batman icon on the battlefield. I couldn’t believe my eyes at first, it turns out that Arena of Valor has characters from the DC universe. In addition to the Black Knight, I managed to see Wonder Woman. New heroes are closed behind donation, which may affect the balance.

By the way, the abilities also have a short description, but the most important is the reputation system. Before the match, they deduce the level of your decency and advise you to keep the bar at this level. Also, after a rating match, they watch whether you helped the team or stood at the base. If you are afraid of teammates with low ping, then here too Tencent did their best: with an unstable Internet, they will not be allowed into the rating.

Legend of Ace

If you like constant battles and huge numbers, then Legend of Ace is worth a look. The graphics are not at a high level, although you can cut 60 FPS. Training is allowed to be skipped, and chaos reigns in real combat. The fact is that in the very first match the score at the end was about 35-1, although it lasted about 10 minutes. This is due to the fact that enemies quickly respawn no matter how many times they die. Therefore, if they feed, they can only pick you up with a team, they can be taken out with two skills. There are no items in this game, instead we choose a deck of cards, which we buy. Unfortunately, it is impossible to understand their purpose because of the small text, but at the first levels it doesn’t matter.

In addition to the main mode in the “5 by 5” format, there is also an endless tower, which we pass with two random. This is difficult, because even light mobs and bosses quickly endure, and they give out only three lives, then you have to wait about eight minutes to respawn. Rating battles open from the 4th level, so the entrance is closed for beginners. By the way, dynamic images with characters are nothing like that, but I didn’t tell you that.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

In the end, I left the very game that raised the bar for all MOBA projects. I’m talking about Wild Rift, which Riot Games considers a full-fledged esports discipline. Because of this, the stakes go up and the matches become tense, especially in the rankings. Compared to the original LoL, there are some differences. For example, passives have been almost removed, many skills are directed or work according to the principle “whoever is closer, will fly to that one.” Battles last around 15 minutes, characters are generously given away for increasing the account level. In general, Riot Games has such a position that any Champion can be opened without pouring money, so the donation is aimed at skins. In the latest patches, the developers have added two modes: random selection of a hero and selection by roles, such a theme does not affect your rating. Players only complain about allies, especially at high ranks.

On this the list of top “mobs” has come to an end and it’s time to say goodbye. But do not worry, because we will see you in the next collection, the topic for which you can suggest in the comments. Yes, I almost forgot: whoever likes or leaves a comment will get a plus in karma. See you later!

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