Top games of June 2021 for Android and IOS: Alchemy Stars, Refactory and others

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Hello mobile gamers and channel viewers AppTime Media! In addition to the heat, June will also be remembered for its mobile releases, so I will tell you about the top projects on iOS and Android over the past month. The list includes Asian MMORPGs, dark slashers, small revolutions in already established genres, and many other free projects. And for such a carnival of generosity, do not forget to like, subscribe to the channel and leave a comment with your favorite June game. And we went!

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Fantasy new jade dynasty

Publisher Perfect World knows how to make mobile MMORPGs and Fantasy New Jade Dynasty – a direct proof of this. Yes, this is a Chinese theme, but it is in no way inferior to the same Blade & Soul Revolution. The developers have added cut-scenes on the game engine, voiced dialogues, a laconic interface and eight classes. Great graphics, realistic character models and weather effects immerse you in the local world even more. Well, and where without a plot with betrayal.

You might be surprised to find that the battles in Jade Dynasty are turn-based, which is a bit unusual for an MMO. We do not participate in the battle, and in general in the game many moments are set to auto-mode, but these are the realities of mobile projects. While Fantasy New Jade Dynasty is available in China, you need a local phone number to enter. We don’t know anything about the global release, so we flew further.

Shadow of death 2

While we are waiting for the global release of Devil May Cry, I propose to hack to death in Shadow of Death 2. This is a 2D slasher with a dark setting and demons. The gameplay is divided into levels where you can get a maximum of three stars. The controls are responsive, so it’s fun to play with combo attacks. The difficulty is not high at first, but the character constantly needs to be pumped. There are enough materials, and if you log in all month, you can get resources, skins and an Über-gun. There is no plot, only small cutscenes after defeating the boss.

I went with the local setting, as well as the unobtrusive pumping system. Yes, you can get cool equipment for donating, but there are no PvP and online elements in the game, so you won’t be able to “bend” others. Another plus is the presence of the Russian language, although it is understandable without it. By the way, there is no training at all, which seems to be good, but you yourself have to understand the intricacies of the gameplay. I am glad at least that new features are unlocked with pumping and passing. In general, everyone download, and we move on.


ReFactory is the premium cousin of the popular Factorio with its own ideas. We are playing for artificial intelligence, which must build a city and establish production on an alien planet. This means that in addition to the conveyor belt, we will build towers and place mines to protect against mutants. And there is something to protect – we start with the extraction of granite stones, and end with the production of granite, oil and even crystals. At the same time, advanced features are introduced gradually so that there is time to get used to.

By the way, the planet can be customized to suit your style of play, for example, if you do not like the theme with the reflection of attacks, then it is quietly turned off. And yes, ReFactory was created by Russian developers, so bring them some money and support the project.

Alchemy stars

Tencent Mobile promised us a revolution in the Asian slack genre, but that’s not entirely true. I admit, the game hooked with its mechanics – you need to slide your finger over the squares of the same color so that your squad moves and attacks enemies. At the same time, the heroes have their own element, which exactly matches these cells in color. If you find a combination of 15 squares, then you will not only inflict a lot of damage, but also get the right to the second turn. Yes, this is a turn-based RPG with rare anime-style waifu leveling up. It’s cool that, in addition to the elements, the characters also differ in their role. For example, there are DPS, healers and so-called “converters”. They change the color of some cells to the one we want, which adds a tactical element to Alchemy Stars.

In addition to the battles and the plot, you need to pump the base like in Fallout Shelter. This allows you to get rare materials for pumping heroes. In general, they look beautiful and differ from each other, plus the developers brought smooth animation. The game is good, although for me it is at the level of Arknights and SINoALICE. It turns out that this is not another Genshin Impact (a big plus), but it doesn’t smell like a revolution. At the same time, I recommend downloading and trying it, because the project is still worth your attention.

Endless Nightmare: Weird Hospital

Endless Nightmare fits perfectly into the ranks of mobile horror films. First, the game takes place in a hospital filled with monsters. Sometimes the hero has “comebacks”, for example, the corridor becomes longer, and blood flows along the walls. This moment strongly resembles the FEAR series. Psycho. the hospital can be freely explored, unexpectedly sneaking up on mutants for a stealthy attack. By the way, Endless Nightmare even has nurses, like in Silent Hill. Items for puzzles and resources by type of cartridges are scattered at locations. There are several difficulty levels to choose from.

The pluses include the ability to play without the Internet, as well as tolerable graphics. Yes, this is not Unreal Engine 4, but it will work on weak smartphones. The game is now in early access, the developers are positioning it as a prequel. Verdict: Download if you want to tickle your nerves.

Ghosts of War: WW2

Ghosts of War is another mobile shooter set in the WW2 setting. The main menu is a bit overwhelmed with special offers, but without imposing them. You get into battle in a few seconds, there are four nations to choose from: Germany, Japan, the USA and the USSR. They not only have a unique appearance, but also their own guns. In battle, the interface is laconic, but aiming at the enemy is difficult even with auto-attack and aiming. Fortunately, you can turn off the gyroscope in the settings. There are no classes as such, so the main task is to get more kills in the allotted time. By the way, you can kill with a knife, but due to the lack of running it is difficult.

The project is made on the Unity engine, so get ready to heat up weak smartphones. There are few graphics settings, although even the minimal ones can be played comfortably. I also want to note that a battle pass with seasons was brought to Ghosts of War, for the purchase they give skins for a soldier and weapons. The selection of players is fair, so my team constantly won in the rinks, albeit by a small margin. The conclusion is this: if your smartphone can easily pull PUBG Mobile, then feel free to download.

Gangs town story

Gangs Town Story is reminiscent of GTA: San Andreas in many ways, from black heroes with green clothes to gunfights in broad daylight. I will say right away that there is an open world, but it is a little closed and here’s why: there are tasks on the map, they can be started from anywhere. At the same time, you cannot swing, go to a clothing store or fast food eatery (at least in the early stages). The city itself and the graphics are on a level, I especially want to highlight the shooting. Even with an ordinary pistol, it’s nice to do headshots, since the aiming is simple, plus the slow-mo mode is cut in, and the enemy’s head flies off. Of course there are assault rifles and even a bazooka. The main missions are divided into two levels: shootout or car theft. There is a crime rate, to reduce it you need to paint a car or collect stars on the map.

In addition to the above, you can play mini-basketball in Gangs Town Story, just like in San Andreas. Advertising sometimes pops up, but it does not infuriate, but special. Donate offers are not offered at all. The control of the car is average, because it feels like you are rolling in jelly. Both pop music and rock-hard rock are heard from the radio. In general, I was satisfied with the game, which was surprised myself.


While gamers are complaining about World of Warships Blitz, some developers have rolled out MODERN WARSHIPS on mobile phones. What kind of beast is this? We get arcade ship battles, logical. The controls are intuitive, shooting at enemies from cover is a pleasure. At the start, you are given a regular corvette and immediately launched into battle with bots. The battles are fast, each team has five ships. There is Russian localization, so the commander shouts out commands in an understandable language. I am glad that any shot inflicts damage on the target, so goodbye to the hated word: “Ricochet!” There are also various locations: tropics, storm, rocky channel and the Arctic. It happens that you start a battle in the rain, it is dark around and in front there is only an immense ocean with protruding rocks. In such a situation, you immediately want to attack the enemy from the flank for surprise.

As you level up, you unlock aircraft carriers, destroyers and even submarines. Some of them can call helicopters, which not only scan the area, but also drop bombs on the enemy. By the way, there are no branches of nations in MODERN WARSHIPS. Yes, the ships are real, but you can buy anyone, if you had money. Country flags can still be installed on the ship, but for premium currency. For hardcore gamers, we have added leaderboards with rewards in the form of gold bars, depending on the occupied place. Verdict: download without hesitation, especially if you are a fan of this.

Archwar: Heroes And Demons

Archwar is a hardcore action game with elements from the MOBA. The graphics are reminiscent of the era of Warcraft III, the same will be said about the gameplay. The first round was lumpy for me, because I did not understand at all what was happening around. It turns out that each team has three heroes, which are unlocked for money or with pumping. Each has its own advantages, at first we are given a sorceress with wildly low HP and control abilities. The tactic is this: you need to collect the fragments of the crystal, which is in the center, and carry them to your base. For more damage, the team needs to capture four points on the edges of the map, and this is what I did, because I rarely came out alive from the “mahach”. If you capture 15 fragments, then the round will end ahead of schedule, otherwise you will have to defend for about two minutes.

I will say this, Archwar is not a game for everyone because of the level of entry. Compared to Wild Rift or Hearthstone, you won’t be able to understand the local features with a touch. But this does not mean that the game is bad, you just need to give it time. Plus, a little wooden graphics will allow you to run the project on weak devices.

Cyber ​​War: Cyberpunk Reborn

In the end, I left behind a cool slasher called Cyber ​​War. We get cool music, voiced opponents and a good replacement for Devil May Cry. The combat system is dynamic with buttons of different colors. At locations you need to break boxes and look for rare equipment. You can often find good things in chests, but to get them you need to watch ads. There are also traps with insane bosses like Iron Man with a huge hammer. By the way, I already said that our hero knows how to roll, and a helicopter can crash into local bandits, catch fire and still explode? Well, the cherry on top – a cyberpunk soundtrack and 60 FPS gameplay.

And that’s all for me, dear friends. Like us and yourself, subscribe and wait for new releases. Also read the latest news about the gaming industry and gadgets on the AppTime website. See you soon!

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