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Espionage in Total War: Three Kingdoms has also undergone significant changes – now it is based on different mechanics, requires more attention, but also provides much more tactical options. If you want to use this mechanic effectively and you are overwhelmed by the sheer number of possibilities associated with it, this chapter will answer all your questions.

Espionage – Basics

To be able to use the network undercover at all, you must first attain the rank of Second Marquis. When you do this, you will unlock a completely new mechanic, which can be accessed by clicking on the eye icon in the upper left corner of the screen, or by pressing the “5” key. In this window, you will find all the information related to espionage – characters who willingly conduct these practices, factions that can be sent to espionage, as well as the total number of spy positions that you currently have. To use this mechanic, you need to have the right characters. Those who willingly engage in this activity will have an eye icon next to their portrait with the information that they will spy on you.

Go to the spy screen (key “5”) and press the “+” icon at the top of the screen. Now select the appropriate character from the list on the left, then the faction you want to send the spy to and confirm your choice. After that, you will lose control over the character – he will go to the selected faction and take actions that will be turned on the enemy. Until the character enters the enemy faction, you will receive simple information about the enemy – the amount of gold, food and other raw materials, the population and the number of settlements or administrator positions. In turn, when a character goes undercover, you will receive new options, depending on the goals for which you sent him.

Spy activities

When a character you sent as a spy is hired by an enemy faction, you will gain access to new spy actions that you can now perform. They are divided into four groups:

  • Court actions – they become active as soon as the spy is hired by the enemy. Within this group, you can influence the trade agreements of the enemy faction, reduce the satisfaction of other characters taken by the enemy, or reduce the defense of the enemy’s spies.
  • Administrator actions – these will be available when your spy is hired by an enemy and placed in an administrator position. Within this group, you can reduce public order or the garrison of commanders, initiate an uprising in it, or force it into your hands.
  • General actions – they become available when your spy is hired by the enemy and is used as a general of one of the enemy armies. Within this group, you can influence the effectiveness of troops in other armies of the enemy faction, or start an uprising that will force the army into your hands or be withdrawn, and other generals in it will lose their position and be restored to the faction.
  • Family subterfuge actions – these will be available when your spy is accepted as a successor to the throne or becomes a member of a faction. As part of the available options, you will be able to influence the enemy’s relationship with your faction and even order the assassination of the heir or warlord of the enemy faction.

Note – remember that a spy can be placed at the same time as an administrator and sent to the army as a general. This will give you access to two additional action groups at the same time.

Conducting spy actions and available resources

The available spy options are made using two resources – Undercover Network and Cover. The first is the resource that is generated by all your spies – it simply represents the creation of a spy network by your agents. The second, in turn, represents the degree of “fusion” of the spy in the enemy faction, his “cover” – the longer he penetrates the enemy faction, the faster he will accumulate these points.

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If you want to perform any kind of espionage action, you will need to release the correct amount of both of these resources. It is not difficult to guess that the more advanced and effective the actions, the higher the costs will be. Moreover, when ordering an action, the spy will have a certain chance to perform them – when it is too small, you can use additional points, which will make him successful. If you do not have free points, the spy will be captured by the enemy faction – he can be executed, released or incarnated by the enemy as a double agent.

Espionage – advice

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The number of available positions for spies can be increased, including through reforms.

Finally, it is worth mentioning a few tips that will make using espionage easier and more enjoyable. namely:

  • • The probability of recruiting a spy by hostile factions depends on the value of this character – his level, abilities, class. If you want to increase the chance of infiltrating a spy into an enemy army, send experienced agents.
  • • Incorporating a spy into enemy factions takes time, often worth the wait. It’s worth sending a spy to a faction that you can’t defeat in a few turns – this saves you from wasting time and allows you to spy on factions against which espionage operations will certainly be useful.
  • • Use spy actions with caution. The points for activating these actions are limited, and sometimes it is worth saving them for later, for example, to weaken the enemy army or garrison.
  • • Pay attention to the character you are hiring. If this is an experienced character who has been loyal to your enemy for years and now suddenly wants to join you, this could mean a spy sent by the enemy.
  • • The number of spy positions available is increased both by advancing the leader to new ranks and by unlocking the corresponding reforms.


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