Tower of Fantasy release, UNDECEMBER patch and Warzone Mobile preview (video news)

Hello AppTime readers and channel viewers AppTime Media. In this issue, I’ll tell you about the cool news from the outgoing week, including official information about Warzone Mobile and Path of Exile Mobile, and why Tower of Fantasy is as good as Genshin Impact. Get comfortable, because we’re on our way!

Path of Exile Mobile will still be, but you have to wait

Grinding Gear Games has shared plans for 2023 – it will hold a presentation of ExileCon 2023, during which players will learn more about Path of Exile 2 and the mobile version. The event will take place in New Zealand and tickets will go on sale at the end of August. If you’re a fan of the series, then a trip is a must – Grinding Gear will not only tell you when to expect the Path of Exile Mobile beta test, but also let you play a working build. This is all good, but so far we don’t know what the monetization system will be in the finished product, because even Diablo Immortal sins with it, and the developers of Path of Exile have been owned by the Chinese publisher Tencent since 2018.

MMORPG Bless Eternal released in Asia

Bless Eternal launched in South Korea for iOS and Android. You will find installation instructions in the last article. If you can download, the game will offer 5 classes, which are divided into tanks, healers and damage dealers. To dilute the auto-questing, the developers added cut scenes, realistic graphics and a bunch of special effects. You will be accompanied by cute pets, and fantasy music in the background will help distract you from farming. I am glad that the NPCs are voiced, but your character is explained on the fingers. The developers also promise exploration of an open and vast world, and raids for high levels. All in all, Bless Eternal is another replacement for Black Desert Mobile.

The release of Tower of Fantasy went with a bang – the servers were packed to capacity

Just before the release of Tower of Fantasy, Genshin fans began to heavily hate the new Chinese MMO with an emphasis on co-op. Players of the Chinese version complained about PvP donations, an empty open world, childish puzzles, and restrictions on opening chests in new zones. But after the release, it turned out that everything was in vain – the game was received so well that some had to queue for 24 hours, and this despite the fact that the developers allocated about 10 servers for each region. We also play Tower of Fantasy, so a selection of fresh promotional codes has already appeared on the site, and a series of guides will soon begin – subscribe and follow the news.

AutoChess Moba launched in the Philippines with gameplay that hit rock bottom

The authors of the original Auto Chess have been working on AutoChess Moba for many years to release a regional version for Android. We were promised free characters, as well as a change of day and night, but otherwise this is a typical MOBA like Mobile Legends, falling short of Wild Rift in terms of graphics and brevity of the interface. And although high ping will not allow you to play normally, the game is interesting because in the early version there is already a system of friends and even followers who can follow your match. Well, the ranking system will help you earn rewards for constant victories. Only in terms of gameplay AutoChess Moba does not offer anything new.

“Love, money, rock and roll” is the heiress of Endless Summer

The former developers of Endless Summer have come together to bring Love, Money, Rock ‘n’ Roll to PC and smartphones. This is a visual novel with 5 hours of music, animated sprites and over 430,000 words. Not everyone liked it, especially those who have been waiting for the game for more than 5 years. For example, Nikolai – the main character – behaves like a whiner and a person who does not know the customs of Japan, although he was brought up in this country. Most of all, critics scold the script and the characters, which are more reminiscent of psychopaths and hysterics, and our Nikolai does not appreciate those people who express their friendship and love to him. This results in the fact that the players do not associate themselves with him, but want to purely “frame” the girls, as in Endless Summer. I mean, it’s a completely different game.

UNDECEMBER has received a major update with new content

Once UNDECEMBER was considered the killer of Diablo, now half a year has passed since the release of the game in South Korea. The 8th season has begun in it, a new story chapter and skills for the characters have appeared. You can even craft by collecting high quality materials in the Chaos Dungeon, but the question still remains – when will the global release be? The developers are silent about this, but if you have an Android smartphone, then you will find a fresh file in the previous article. Don’t be afraid of the PvP imbalance in this Korean MMO, as publisher LINE Games has tweaked the class balance and got rid of annoying bugs, among other changes.

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile will be officially presented on September 15

Insiders continue to leak Warzone Mobile gameplay from alpha testing to the Web, both on Android and iOS. Graphically, only character models are up to console Warzone so far – and this is on the iPhone 13 Pro Max – but their animation, pleasant shooting and “one-shots” from a sniper rifle will help you make a choice between Call of Duty Mobile and Warzone Mobile. So, this game will be shown on September 15 on the first day of the Call of Duty: Next conference. Activision isn’t saying exactly what details will be revealed, but we’re expecting developer interviews and even a launch date for the first beta test. Warzone Mobile could be closely tied to other installments in the franchise, including the upcoming Modern Warfare IIwhose OBT will begin on October 28th.

Pascal’s Wager is getting a new mode and playable character Elena

At the end, I left the news about the addition to Pascal’s Wager called Dance of the Throne. For only about 120 rubles, you will get a mode with changed levels and a new arrangement of mobs, which will allow you to freshen up the next race. You will have to hurry, because the rating with which you will get on the leaderboard depends on the quality and speed of passing. Well, you can run around the gloomy world inspired by Dark Souls for a new character named Elena. Her blade can become one-handed or two-handed, which will help to counterattack and block the blows of enemies. And for an additional 60 rubles, the developers give away a skin for this gloomy nun.

And that’s all for me, my friends! Thank you for watching to the end, because we are trying only for you. Write what game you are looking forward to next week, and in general what you have been playing lately. And we’ll see you next week at the same place. See you soon!

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