Tribes of Midgard Survival Mode 2.0 details and new trailer

The third season of “Inferno” will appear on the Tribes of Midgard survival servers in 6 days, on August 16, along with a big patch. This time, the authors presented the most complete picture of the future innovations of the survival mode and, together with it, showed a fresh trailer.

With the start of the season, the patch will add a Survival 2.0 mode, which is designed to allow players to play at their own pace. The biggest innovations will be:

  • The absence of the Village, which all the time needed to be protected at night.
  • The days will be longer, 20 minutes each.
  • Heltings will spawn throughout the environment at night, but will not attack the Seed of Yggdrasil.
  • Each of the Yotnars will end up in the Arenas, where they can be defeated in open combat. You can do this at any time and an unlimited number of times.
  • The crafting system in Survival mode has been completely redesigned. Players will rely on the Allforge, a magical little dwarf contraption that can be accessed from the build menu and placed anywhere at no material cost.
  • The Ancient Ones (formerly known as Saga Bosses) are powerful bosses that appear in each new Saga. There are powerful rewards for destroying the Ancients, including: Heimdall’s Tower, Freyr’s Ship, and Sindri’s Foundry.
  • With the Survival update, the Einherchers will be able to choose their skills from a brand new Tree of Blessings (90 perks) unique to Survival Mode.
  • With this change, the character level cap will increase to 50 to allow for more skill combinations.
  • The developers have completely redesigned the construction system and now everything will be at hand.

More information can be found on the developer blog.

Recall that along with the release of the patch on all platforms, Tribes of Midgard will also be launched on Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

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