Undead World: Hero Survival is AFK Arena, only with zombies

Zombie arcade game Undead World: Hero Survival has appeared on smartphones. In it, we gather a group of survivors and watch how they themselves reflect the attack.

Undead World: Hero Survival is a new idle game where you have to gather a squad of heroes and beat their ult in battles. The gameplay is vertical, and the cartoon character icons are reminiscent of AFK Arena. It is worth noting that there are a lot of dead people and they calmly carry a squad of five characters. And yes, the timer is ticking at the top, so you have to meet the time.

The developers of Undead World are promising 1,000 crystals (probably a premium currency) for newbies. The heroes are divided into four factions, they must be knocked out through the gacha. Also, characters need to be pumped to the Legendary or Unique level. The trick is that your squad fights and earns loot even when you leave the game. Of course, there will be more rewards if you are online.

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In addition to PvE, the developers promise fights with other players. There is also the “Zombie Express” mode, where you can test your squad and see how long it survives. It is better to play with friends, because this way you can share some kind of hearts to knock out new heroes. Also, the creators added guilds that can attack epic bosses and receive special rewards.

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