Update “Taigon” with a new class installed on the servers of the RU-version of Lost Ark

On the servers of the Russian version of the MMORPG Lost Ark, the “Taigon” update was installed, adding the class of the same name to the game. He belongs to the Monk archetype and possesses high mobility, combos and powerful elemental skills.

A short list of the major changes is as follows:

  • new class Taigon;
  • single prologue for all classes;
  • “The Seeker’s Path” with a description of the plot;
  • “Shandi School”, which allows you to get acquainted with non-combat systems;
  • new land for estates;
  • removed the level 50 requirement for estates;
  • two modes of “Akrasia Express”;
  • simplified hardening of equipment;
  • storage of materials in a backpack;
  • numerous gameplay and balance fixes.

It should be noted that the previously announced functionality of the knowledge repository was not added in the Tygon update. The publishers, together with the developers, studied the possible negative impact on the economy of the game and came to the conclusion that the Russian version may abuse the functionality to simplify the creation of accounts and characters intended for the extraction of transferable game values.

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