Video news: Project Winter Mobile beta test, almost announcement of Call of Duty Warzone and Need for Speed ​​Mobile

Video news Project Winter Mobile beta test almost announcement of Video news: Project Winter Mobile beta test, almost announcement of Call of Duty Warzone and Need for Speed ​​Mobile

Video news Project Winter Mobile beta test almost announcement of Video news: Project Winter Mobile beta test, almost announcement of Call of Duty Warzone and Need for Speed ​​Mobile

Hello mobile gamers! With you AppTime Media and this is another issue of top news for the outgoing week in a short format. There were a lot of “almost announcements” and leaks of large franchises this week, so buckle up – here we go.

Project Winter Mobile beta test launched even in Russia

The game Project Winter Mobile about trust and betrayal was launched again in beta testing format. It takes place on Android in six countries: Canada, Australia, Thailand, Brazil, USA and even Russia. The servers will close on May 19th, so you still have a chance to participate. Well, for better ping, the developers added a server in Europe. The icing on the cake will be an in-game voice chat to reassure your friends that the killer is not a butler.

The Returner Campaign is reminiscent of Command & Conquer

The geo-strategy The Returner Campaign was launched on Google Play in some Western countries. You can choose one of three nations – Russia, Germany and the USA. Of course, the game features their prototypes with a pinch of World War II and futurism, so expect brave commanders on horseback fighting against robots. As befits an RTS game, we issue orders to workers and build new buildings to strengthen the base against the attack of monsters and real players. And to fight them off, follow the tutorial and join the ranks of the alliance.

Is Zenless Zone Zero another Honkai Impact 3rd?

The creators of Genshin Impact have announced a new game; no, this time it’s Zenless Zone Zero – the successor to Honkai Impact 3rd. Therefore, at the output we get the battles of anime characters in a futuristic and urban setting in small arenas. The beta test for iOS and PC is currently being signed up, although an Android release is also expected. According to the plot, our heroes lead a double life – during the day they are ordinary citizens, and at night they fight with different factions in the virtual world. If you succeed, then you will even reveal a conspiracy. It remains to wait for the release date or at least the beta test.

Co-op game Gatherers is now on Google Play

Gatherers is an unusual adventure where we choose one of the heroes and run to save some planet from clots of black energy. This probably makes local animals aggressive. But besides them, there are also aliens armed to the teeth, it is better to deal with them in the ranks of true friends; Yes, the game supports co-op. Among the classes, a medic and an engineer are definitely available, whose main task is to clear the locations. Only as they level up, the monsters will also become stronger, which slightly kills the meaning of such a system. Otherwise, this is a great co-op on Android.

Need for Speed ​​Mobile gameplay leaked online

Back in January of this year, gaming publications started talking about the development of a new mobile part of the arcade racing Need for Speed. This time we got gameplay from testing in China. The game is made on Unreal Engine 4, the controls are taken from Need for Speed ​​Edge, and the maps are taken from Need for Speed ​​Heat. While three sports cars are available to testers, only there is no plot and no cops, so it remains to ride around the open city. By the way, the graphics are impressive, and this is the version for iOS. We are waiting for more information, although the publisher has forced selected gamers to sign an NDA – a non-disclosure agreement – but this does not stop everyone.

Wild Arena Survivors: New Battle Royale from Ubisoft

We were surprised when we saw Wild Arena Survivors on Google Play. Eyes rolled out of their heads when it turned out that the publisher was Ubisoft. No, towers have not yet been added to this royal battle – yet – but its potential is already visible. Unlike PUBG and its ilk, Wild Arena Survivors offers an isometric camera and tropical island kills with both players and animals. In addition, we can break boxes and find loot boxes to improve or change weapons with armor. As for the zone, even if you do not have time to run into it, it’s okay – it takes a little health, and abilities with AoE-healing will allow you and your friends to survive.

What did Cleopatra forget in Destiny of Armor strategy?

Another mobile project – Destiny of Armor – appeared in Southeast Asia on Android. As always, you will find all the links on our website, but for now I will pay attention to the fact that for some reason Cleopatra was added to this geo-strategy with a futuristic setting. Probably, we are waiting for parallels of the future and the past, but this is all poetry – each leader needs to hire commanders and improve his base to confront other players. Gradually, you open up new types of resources, and then join a guild and start a war for territories. Only if it weren’t for animation from the early 2000s.

Battle Royale Call of Duty Warzone Mobile be

In the end, I left almost the announcement of the mobile Call of Duty Warzone. Why almost? Yes, the fact is that we received an official article that the game is being developed. But this was already known, but at least the cinematic of the trailer was not provided. At the same time, Activision Blizzard assures that the game is already undergoing an internal test to resolve issues with optimization for touch screens on large maps. Gradually, more content will be added to the game and more people will be invited, but for now, the testers who signed the NDA will not be able to tell us anything unless they really want to. One way or another, all their progress will be reset before the official release.

And that’s all for me, dear friends. Thank you for watching to the end – we are trying only for you! Subscribe to our channel, our social networks and look at the main AppTime website, because it is on it that the latest news of the gaming industry is published non-stop almost every day. See you soon!

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