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Viking: Battle for Asgard is certainly not Dark Souls. Here you will not die hundreds of times on the first boss. All gameplay elements are quite simple. But still, some people experienced great difficulties during the passage of this game. But today we will put everything in its place and tell you how to most effectively go through the entire campaign.

stage 1: travel around the game world

To begin with, you should know that you will be playing the entire campaign on three huge maps. The map is turned on with a button M. Since the game was made by the authors of the notorious Total War series, everything that happens here often resembles a missing chapter in the history of this series – the chapter on the Dark Ages. We can say that Viking: Battle for Asgard is a kind of Dark Ages: Total War. A hybrid form of RPG, hack-n-slash and of course strategy.

The general gameplay consists in knocking out the black legion of Hel from the borders of Scandinavia. The main character, a stern and muscular warlord named Skarin, must lead all the Viking tribes to fight the local Mordor. There is only one playable faction, and that is the Vikings. On three huge island maps, you need to fight hordes of enemies, freeing settlement after settlement. Basically, you have to rescue from captivity the soldiers caught by the enemy for dinner. The more warriors saved, the larger the army becomes. You need to save your comrades with special care. Here the gameplay is often reminiscent of Assassins Creed. You carefully sneak around the enemy camp, quietly approaching the cells with allies and by pressing a button F open the lock. Further, you are already dealing with the guards with the support of your comrades.

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Each map consists of small and large settlements. Small settlements are liberated, as a rule, by one Skarin. Alone, this warrior is capable of much. But still, do not forget that the main character is still mortal. Skarin is, of course, the chosen one of the Gods and a legendary hero, but he can die from a couple of blows, especially at the beginning of the game. Therefore, it is necessary to improve your skills in the Arena. On the map, the Arena is always displayed with the symbol of the English Stonehenge. The map is very easy to navigate. It is enough just to hover over the desired settlement, and the pointer will immediately display it on the compass. In the arena, you will have to fight the ghost of a dead veteran, who must be defeated by pressing certain buttons. Learn as many skills as you can. This will certainly help in future victories. Do not forget about various devices to increase health, as well as first-aid kits. All this can be bought in any city from the masters. You can also upgrade weapons there.

As mentioned earlier, the three huge campaign maps are the large Scandinavian Islands (presumably Denmark). All of them are connected by special portals. It is not necessary to flaunt two hundred kilometers, looking for this or that town. Scattered across the map are special vehicles called Obelisks. Approached the Obelisk, gently touched, chose the destination and voila.

stage 2: total war style

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During the campaign, you complete the necessary missions and tasks. With each liberated settlement, a huge army of Vikings is growing more and more. The list of tasks displays the number of warriors needed to liberate major cities. There are always two large cities on each island. In these places, gigantic enemy forces are concentrated, which must be knocked out not only with the help of fighters. The islands contain mysterious sources of Dragon Power that summon these ancient creatures to the battlefield. To activate one of them, you need to find the corresponding runes. To do this, you need not just to complete tasks, but to scour special chests scattered around the map. Chests will be your key to achieving your goal.

After you have awakened the dragon and found the right runes, you are given the opportunity to play the Battle of Liberation. In this battle, everything is almost like in Total War. Hordes of warriors, artillery, cavalry, various monsters and a giant fire-breathing dragon. If you win, you completely free the island. If you fail, you start all over again. It is simply impossible to die or die in this game. Even if you are killed by enemies, you will immediately teleport back to the Obelisk. It is also impossible to die in the final battle, as you will always be returned to the thick of the fighting.

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The Battle of Liberation consists of several stages. You need to destroy enemy Summoners that constantly activate portals. These portals spawn more and more new monsters. In addition to sorcerers, there are enemy commanders here, more like Chaos from Warhammer Fantasy Battles. You can kill spellcasters both manually and with the help of a dragon. To destroy them manually, you need to hit the four idols with which they surround themselves. After the elimination of idols, the shaman is killed with one blow. With the help of a dragon, everything is much easier. Move the cursor over the target – and the target is hit. But that’s not all. After the destruction of the sorcerers, you need to finish off the enemy regimental commander. He is very strong, so we advise you to use all the available tricks. It will not be easy to fill up such a carcass. If you have done this, then the island is completely cleared and you can move on to the next map.

stage 3: final boss battle

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The players experienced the most difficulties in the Final Mission, where they had to fight the greatest evil known as Hel. This battle has become fatal for many gamers. After all, what the developers have prepared for everyone at the very end is a real test for the nerves. Therefore, before playing the final battle, it is recommended to hone your skills in knocking back enemies. When fighting with enemies, try not to smash them with an ax and not cut them, but to throw them away from you using the right mouse button. Throw away, and then try to finish off. Don’t let them hurt.

Without throwing enemies back, it will be absolutely impossible to approach Hel. The final mission begins with a Total War-style battle. At first, with a huge army, we need to break through to the citadel and kill the local sorcerers. Then we attack the patio, in which a whole horde awaits us along with mountain giants. Giants are easier to kill than you think. First, we knock out their legs and immobilize them, and then we strike them all over the body in the style of God of War. Next, we protect the Viking spellcaster and prevent the enemies from finishing him off. Then the case turns into a siege of the castle. But the castle has to be besieged not by armies, but by Skarin himself.

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First, we go through a long spiral staircase, on which we kill hundreds of enemies. Then we manage to finish off the mini-boss in the face of one of the Hel commanders. It will be difficult to kill him, since there is a very narrow space around. It is necessary to use somersaults and lapels, otherwise he will simply crush Skarin with his giant thresher. After we kill the commander, we are given the opportunity to move on – to the battle with Hel. We again follow the ill-fated spiral staircase, destroying everything in its path. Next we find Hel, surrounded on all sides by troops. We already hope for a quick massacre and a complete end to the game, but that was not the case.

At first, the enemy goddess is completely immune to our attacks. You can approach it only if you destroy five fiery idols. Between the idols, flames constantly flash, which causes significant damage. When developing this mission, the authors of the game did not bother to give Skarin at least some head start. We are surrounded on all sides. Hel creates portals every ten seconds, from which dozens of enemies fall on us. Among other things, there is a flame that beats very, very painfully. Only three first-aid kits can be carried. Naturally, they all immediately go to waste, and Skarin finds himself completely without help.

Many players fell on the fact that they continued to swing axes and cut enemies to pieces. But it all ended with the defeat and murder of the protagonist. Skarina endured the flame, the enemy blades. Few people had time to approach even the third idol. While destroying the first two, first-aid kits will already be depleted, and health will drop to zero. But the main thing here is not to rush. No need to fight enemies. Just throw them back. Hel stands in the center of the location, surrounded on all sides by fire. Try not to attack surrounding enemies, but throw them directly into the fire. When they fly into the flames, they take massive damage and soon die. While the enemies are somersaulting on the floor, urgently run to the idol and cut it.

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After you have cut down the idol, do not expect that you will be able to immediately approach the second one. To get to the idol, you still need to wait until the fiery wall falls. When the fire fades, urgently run to the shining object and try to land the maximum number of hits. After the idol is destroyed, keep throwing the enemy to the sides. And so you need to do all five times. Of course it will be difficult, but it needs to be done in order to finish the campaign. There will be a lot of death, even if you learn to use the knockback to perfection.

Destroying these ill-fated idols is no easier than defeating the Demon Capra in the first part of Dark Souls. But some people still managed to do it. The same is true in your case. Call on all your luck to win this mission. After the destruction of the totems, the campaign does not end. We still need to manage to deal with Hel herself. The flames surrounding her subside, but killing her is not so easy at all. After the fire dies out, the goddess turns into a giant giant, and very ugly. Defeating a giant is not at all as difficult as throwing dozens of enemies into fires. But this may literally not be enough health. Therefore, it is better not to allow a single damage from the enemy. Try to deal deadly blows and immediately run back. Wait for the boss lifeline to end and then manage to survive all the mini-game challenges. Click on all the buttons that pop up on the screen. This must be done as quickly as possible.

If you did everything right, then Hel is defeated, and with her all her legions. You have successfully liberated three giant islands. Scandinavia is now completely cleared of the undead.

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