Wasteland 2 – Help Kathy Lawson develop a cure for the infection

If there is someone infected in your group, you need to complete this quest to save them. Katie Lawson is researching treatments at the main complex. First, you need to collect 10 Pod Samples for her, which shouldn’t be too hard considering there are a lot of them in the Center. Remember that the pods burst if you get close to them, it is better to shoot them from afar.

The second step is to head to the mushroom cave for the Fungicide. Go down to the basement and use the computer to open the south airlock. There are a lot of pods in the mushroom caves, so be especially careful when fighting them. Also, there are a lot of Pods and Insects here – you can try using Pods against them. Fungicide in rooms past caves. First you need to talk to Skinner, who has barricaded himself and needs to open the door (you just need to tell him that you are with the rangers). Take the poison to Cathy (at first she was where Rose used to be), she will develop a cure and heal Matt Forrestal (talk to him later and he will tell you the combination for his safe as a reward).

Once you turn off the irrigation (pumps on the east and west fields), you will receive vials of antidote from Cathy, and she will ask you to pour them into the tank in the main complex. With an antidote, you can also heal your party members if they are infected. After you pour the serum into the tank, everything in the complex will be cured. Pouring the serum into the tank also heals all infected around the complex. Return to Kathy for your reward. Also, talk to Matt and he will give you the key and combination for the safe in his office (80085).

Alternative solutions:

Don’t Help Develop a Cure – Matt Forrestal transforms into Pod, Rose leaves the team, and the Ag center will be destroyed;

keep the medicine for yourself and don’t pour it into the tank – Cathy will be disappointed in the selfishness of the rangers. Infected in the Ag Center die. In addition to curing the infection, healing also gives you +5 CON for 30 minutes.

Regarding quests:

Help Katie Lawson develop a cure;

Pour the serum from the Ag center into the holding tank.

Save Ag center staff

You will receive this quest during your first conversation with Katie Lawson in the Main Complex. Try to save every Ag Center employee in danger. This is a flexible quest, without rigid limits, for example, “Rescue at least five people.” If possible, you should help everyone you can. This means the scientists attacked the mutants and got tangled in the vines (you can use the Wildlife or Surgeon skill – if you lack both, don’t touch the vines at all. Turn off the watering instead, which will free all the prisoners anyway) However, you will have to click on each of them. The pods that held them will be dead, but the scientists can’t get free) and Matt Forrest is also infected. If you develop a cure, Matt survives and gives you the code to his safe in return. In addition, you will automatically complete this quest.

Save Julio from the rabbits

The Eastern part of the main complex - Miscellaneous |  Ag center - quests - Ag center - quests - Wasteland 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough

Western part of the central complex. Julio is attacked by three wild rabbits. If you have the Animal Whisperer skill, you can sneak up on the rabbits and calm them down (only one character, the rest will be left behind). In addition, you need to kill them, which is very traumatic for Julio. You can then collect rabbit feet from rabbits, which give +1 luck.

Save employees from mutated creatures

Eastern part of the main complex. A group of scientists is under attack by mutants and pods. It’s best to sneak up from behind like in the screenshot (go past the passage next to the basement) and immediately draw the attention of the mutants, which will encourage them to get closer. Use Pods to deal AoE damage, but also make sure none of the scientists are in range.

Escort Skinner from mushroom caves

Basement, mushroom caves. Skinner wants you to get him safely to the exit. He will follow you if you agree to it. You then only have to turn towards the stairs to the main complex to complete this quest. It’s best to clear the caves before starting this quest.

Free Ryan from the feather

East Fields. Deal with the mutants attacking Ryan. Ryan asks about Rachel from the Main Complex, who is most likely dead now (she explodes after you meet her for the first time, a potential way to save her is not to meet her, develop a cure and pour it into a tank. You can lie to him or tell him the truth.Don’t forget to talk to him later in the Main Complex to complete this mission.He will be angry with you for lying to him, but you can calm him down and cheer him up thanks to the dialogue options.

Fix Sue’s mistake and save three local societies from infection at the Ag Center

Pouring whey into the tank

Western fields You need to go to three locations in this area (number 2 on the world map) and pour the serum from the Ag-center into the water tank in each location (you need to get it first). You will receive this quest after you save Sue with the Surgeon and get information from him about where he sent the pigeons. Alternatively – if you don’t have the option to save Sue – you can find out what happened by looking through his belongings and the nearby dovecote. It’s best to head to these three locations (infested village, infested farm and infested pumping station) after you’ve dealt with everything in Ag Center. Your visits come down to fighting a lot of Pods, including upgraded glowing models, you need to be well equipped and prepared for the fight. In general, in all three places there is nothing but tanks and a few caches, but in the infected village, you can also find the local sheriff and villages that have locked themselves in the prison. If you free them, you will receive the sheriff’s key and a secure code (click on the numbers corresponding to the letters). Of course, you can do without these two if you have lockpicking and Safecracking.

If Sue is alive, you can return to him later and you will receive a reward: armor +2.


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