Who and how will get 600 Source Stones in Genshin Impact?

Publisher miHoYo has released update 2.3 for the Genshin Impact. What’s new and how to get many Source Stones?

The White Dust and Snow Shadow patch has been officially launched. The technical work has already passed, which means that two new heroes can be knocked out on the Genshin Impact servers – Arataki Itto and Goro. The “Slumbering Garden” dungeon was also added to the game, it is available for everyone who received Adventure Rank 30 and completed the “Escape from Rito Island” quest.

New equipment

Also miHoYo added the Cinnabar Spindle (One-handed) weapon. To get it, you need to take part in the game “Born from the Snow” and go through various tests in the Dragon Spine. Well, for fans of “two-handed” in the game there is a Redhorn Stonecutter. This weapon increases the defense and damage of normal or charged attacks. Only this item can be obtained through future Prayers.

How do I get 600 Primohems?

In the last article, we calculated how many Travelers will receive Source Stones in patch 2.3. But a tit in the hand is better than a pie in the sky, so now I’ll tell you how to get 600 primohems:

  • Must have reached Adventure Rank 5 or higher by 11/24/2021 01:00 UTC
  • Compensation for technical work and bug fixes will be in the in-game mail until November 27, if you believe official post

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