Wild Rift starts in May

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The next major 2.2B update for mobile MOBA League of Legends: Wild Rift has been released. It will improve the balance of champions, including strengthening several archers, weakening the fire and cloud dragons, and adding new cosmetic items. Some time after the release of the update, on May 6, two sworn enemies will appear in the game – Ka’Zix and Rengar.

Whether there will be any differences between the characters in the mobile version is still unknown. On PC, Ka’Zix is ​​able to evolve when leveling up his ult, improving one of the other skills to choose from. Regnar, on the other hand, is an assassin who unexpectedly attacks from invisibility. Most likely, the developers will carry these features to Wild Rift.

With the advent of these champions, a new game mechanic will become available in the game: the duel of sworn enemies. It is activated when Ka’Zix and Rengar are on opposite teams, have reached level 13, are at a distance of 16 units from each other, and have not received or inflicted damage for 5 seconds. If Rengar wins, he will gain Ferocity charges during the action of Hunting Excitement, one of his skills. Otherwise, Ka’Zix will receive an additional evolution point.

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