Wolfenstein: Youngblood – What do the skulls next to the names of the enemies mean?

image1 454 Wolfenstein: Youngblood - What do the skulls next to the names of the enemies mean?

This page of the Wolfenstein: Youngblood game guide explains the meaning of the skull icons that appear above enemy heads and with mission names. Their presence is due to the RPG elements that have been added to the new part of Wolfenstein.


In the case of opponents, the skulls are related to the experience levels they are at. The skull icon means that the opponent’s experience level exceeds the controlled sister’s level by more than 5 levels.

In short, it’s better to leave your opponent alone and decide to run away or sneak past him. If you want to kill him (because, for example, he is connected to a mission), return to the same place after you have advanced enough times (the position of the opponents does not change when revisiting the same areas).

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In the case of opponents with a similar or lower experience level, the game displays full information. First, you can find out how difficult (or not) a given collision will be. In the example from our painting, the Super Soldier is at experience level 18.


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Skull icons with mission names have the same meaning as in the case of enemies. The mission marked with a skull will be too difficult for the sisters until they advance.

Starting it is impractical because you might have trouble even killing individual enemies, not even talking about consecutive mission objectives.

For other tasks, the recommended experience level is correctly displayed in the log. It’s best to deal with missions with the same or lower experience level first.

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