Working promo code for PUBG: New State for the King of Skulls lootbox

Publisher Krafton continues to delight with promotional codes for PUBG: New State. Although rare, they allow you to show off in front of teammates and enemies.

New State Battle Royale has been updated with a new promo code. You can activate it via the link, for this you need to enter the coupon code and account ID. The code is valid until January 21st, so hurry up.

What’s new in PUBG: New State?

Krafton has added a new mode called KB: Extreme. There are 64 players in each round, the match lasts 20 minutes. The battlefield is limited to a smaller playable area within the Troy map. In each round, the playing zone is selected at random. The developers also added the P90 weapon, aka “Rooster”. Read about these and other changes at official website

How do I find my account ID in PUBG: New State?

  • Go to the game lobby and click on the “Details” icon.
  • Click the “Settings” button.
  • Open the “Basic” section and check your account ID.

New promo code for PUBG: New State

  • SKULLKINGTICKET – gives the “King of Skulls” lootbox.

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