11 minutes of Layers of Fear horror gameplay using advanced graphics technology

With technological advancements, humans face the Positive and Negative Impacts of Technology on Education.

Studio Bloober Team shared a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming horror game Layers of Fear, which is a new part of the famous series. The video lasts 11 minutes and shows the passage through a creepy dark place full of mysteries.

In this video you can see the visual effects created in Unreal Engine 5 using advanced technologies such as Lumen, ray tracing, volumetric lighting and Niagara to create realistic graphics. How successful were the use of these opportunities – you can judge for yourself.

Layers of Fear offers a new story that connects all the characters and events of the series. In the role of a writer, you have to uncover mysteries, solve mysteries and confront the dangers of the old house, which can only be overcome with the help of a lantern – a new and useful tool for dealing with nightmarish phenomena in the game.

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