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A 27-minute gameplay video of the role-playing action BREAKERS: UNLOCK THE WORLD has been published

At the G-STAR 2023 presentation, the developers of the role-playing action game BREAKERS: UNLOCK THE WORLD presented a large gameplay video lasting 27 minutes. We were again shown the beginning of the game, which we already saw at Tokyo Game Show 2023, but this time the passage was a little further. Let us remind you that the last video ended at the moment with the discovery of an artifact and a small dialogue. Here we can see the new Doki location, a new heroine and a new dungeon with a boss.


  • 0:00 — Login screen
  • 0:09 — Start of the game
  • 2:53 — Battle: Kobuskrov Bandits
  • 3:19 — Video: Meeting with Prause
  • 5:27 – Battle: Praus
  • 6:16 — Video: Defeating Prause
  • 7:42 — Quest: Conversation with Booth
  • 8:00 — Video: Meeting with Liz
  • 11:31 — Quest: Moving to the ruins
  • 12:10 — Video: Meeting with Theon
  • 14:16 — Battle: Battle for the Ruins
  • 15:58 — Video: Liberation of relics
  • 20:16 — Transfer to the submarine
  • 22:52 — Video: Submarine
  • 24:50 — Team formation, adventure book mode

BREAKERS: Unlock the World is being developed for PC and mobile devices running iOS and Android. The release date has not yet been announced.

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