Actual promotional codes for Dislyte for many gifts (May 2022)

The creators of AFK Arena have released a new project, Dislyte. And there are already 4 working promo codes for the game (yes, we checked it ourselves).

Dislyte is a mobile game with gathering heroes in a group and completing missions. The project fascinates with its graphics and time, killed for the development of the interface and the overall concept. For example, music plays in the main menu, as if on a radio with DJs; yes, similar is used in the Grand Theft Auto series.

Despite the visual appeal, everyone understands that Dislyte will need to spend money or time in the later stages. Especially if you decide to take on PvP. Thanks to our monthly guides, you will learn about fresh promo codes. I note that they can be tied to regions and limited in time, but the ones presented in the article are working at the time of writing and tested on a clean account.

How to activate promo codes for Dislyte?

  • Click on the profile avatar after completing the training;
  • Find “Settings” at the bottom;
  • Switch to the “Services” tab;
  • Click “Gift Code”;
  • Enter one of the proposed promotional codes;
  • Profit!

Actual promotional codes for Dislyte (May 2022)

  • TGTyoutube;
  • StSkiCrimax;
  • LingBigYong;
  • joindislyte.

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