Added new ancient dungeon Tiger School Sanctuary to Blade & Soul

For the Russian version of the MMORPG Blade & Soul, the Steel Claws update has been released, adding a new ancient dungeon, the Sanctuary of the Tiger School, to the game. This is the second dungeon of the Golden Tiger Island, continuing the storyline of the location. It belongs to the dungeons of the Seal of Chaos and has its own rating.

The dungeon is designed to be played in a group of four. The recommended character level is 60 + 25. At the end of the walkthrough, the Invincible Wolf boss awaits the players. As a reward, you can get new items of equipment.

The update also changed the rewards of the Tiger School Hall of Trial, increased the maximum value for critical damage from 1000% to 3000%, fixed bugs and launched new events with gifts.

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