An early version of Trial Xtreme Freedom appeared on Google Play

Trial Xtreme Freedom offers dangerous bike rides, even with Russian localization.

Trial Xtreme Freedom is a mobile project that appeared on Google Play in a number of countries, including Russia. This is an early version, it already allows you to select graphics settings and language. Graphics and gameplay are simple to the point of impossibility – we go through separate stages on mountain bikes, trying to overtake the “ghost enemy”. For victories, we are given loot boxes with materials for pumping, only it takes time to open them – the better the chest, the longer you have to wait.

Trial Xtreme Freedom also has multiplayer, but it is unlikely to be synchronous. You just need to pass the stage in time. Races are held in the format “1 on 1”, each participant has a rating. To constantly win, you need to upgrade your motorcycle and open new models, the main indicators are horsepower, speed, agility and maneuverability when performing tricks. The developers promise more than 15 motorcycles and 10 locations.

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