Ancient dungeons, combat feedback, improved UI and other future innovations in Blade & Soul

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The Blade & Soul developers have revealed new details of the changes that will occur in the game after the transition to the Unreal Engine 4. After that, the Innova company collected all the information and translated it into Russian.

A new mechanic will appear in the game, which the publishers have translated as “combat feedback system”. It is necessary to make the battles more interesting and bring new experience. This should make the actions of the players more meaningful and show in which areas their skill was the highest. The result is achieved in three ways:

  1. More detailed information on the effectiveness of the battle. In addition to damage, criteria such as performing group moves, using group defense skills, etc. will be taken into account.
  2. Notifications after a successful action (for example, “Successful reception”, “Successful resistance”, etc.)
  3. Records of the times when the player was the star of the dungeon. In the “Character” window, you can see the MVP trophies received in each dungeon.

Along with the transition of Blade & Soul to the new engine, there will be the first Ancient Dungeon with a new reward mechanic. Such dungeons will work in seasons, and they will have to be completed in a group of four people.As a reward, you can get very generous rewards, depending on the number of successful passes.

The current rating system will undergo changes. The rating will not be updated on certain days, like now, in real time. When you reach a higher position, your character will be displayed in the system interface, which will help leaders to stand out and become more recognizable. Ranked UI updates and a variety of renown rewards are also in the pipeline.

The developers talked about the change in the interface earlier, but now they have demonstrated a small part of the changes in the combat indicators in the new video. In it you can see, among other things, how the problem with interface congestion was solved.

The Korean version of the MMORPG Blade & Soul will switch to Unreal Engine 4 in June, and the Russian version by the end of 2021.

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