Annihilation Mobile Coming to iOS and Android in Late April, AMD Ryzen Billboard Endorses

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Developers from Crisis Entertainment have announced a release date for their battle royale, Annihilation Mobile. We will see the release at the end of April. By the way, Indian guys are involved in the game. Nothing personal, but so far we’ve seen two games from this region: Mumbai Gullies and FAU-G. And they don’t bode well. Annihilation Mobile promises a ton of weapons, “great maps”, new emotes, upgradeable skills, attractive skins, and a global esports league. This will not happen in the end.

This is a nondescript shooter where players jump from a military plane, they have small jetpacks on their backs, and scooters and cars on the ground. The general setting is gritty, perhaps they will be able to control drones. In general, the setting is colorful and reminiscent of India with furs and cyberpunk. Verdict: We are waiting for the release of Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier.

Annihilation Mobile will launch on smartphones on April 30th. It is not known if a PC version will be released on the same day. Pre-orders are now available via TapTap… The screenshots show a building with a huge AMD Ryzen billboard.


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