Racing games on mobile devices often do not receive the attention they deserve because the Asphalt series has destroyed gamers’ hope for normal projects in this genre. But in fact, in 2020, solid projects came out from both indie developers and large ones. We will consider all of them. You can get acquainted with the previous selection at the link. Vote for the top projects of the outgoing year on the special page AppTime Awards 2020. Leave your list of the best racing games on iOS and Android in the comments.

MudRunner Mobile

Focus Home Interactive really surprised us this year by releasing the mobile port of a serious off-road racing simulator. The MudRunner series has long established itself on large platforms, so many looked forward to something like this, especially since there are few good simulators on smartphones. We have to somersault on heavyweights in the impenetrable mud, complete the main tasks, and complete additional missions. For example, this includes a ban on leaving the oncoming lane or a ban on the winch clinging to nearby trees.

Forza street

This project belongs to the most arcade racing that can be found on smartphones. The player practically does not drive the car, so there is an opportunity to enjoy the local beauty and sports car models. We participate in both quick races and story races. For the riders with the fastest car, there are 1v1 races where the fastest climbs the leaderboard.

Grand Street Racing Tour

Here we take part in fast races, where the main task is to perfectly enter the drift, get nitro, and then accelerate at full speed to the finish. The developers promise free driving, although, in the comments literally at the end of December, they write that this is not in the game. Cars can be tuned, but there are no special options here. The game is only available on Android.

Motorsport Manager Online

If you love Formula One and have always dreamed of becoming the racing teams manager, then Motorsport Manager Online is for you. You will do everything: hire pilots, design parts to speed up and improve the cars, and fight other real managers in 10-person races. There are popular brands in the game – Audi, Porsche, Mercedes, and others. During the races, we watch from a bird’s eye view of what is happening on the track and give the drivers orders: accelerate, overtake, or go to the pit stop.

The longest drift

This is an arcade project where we drift along minimalist roads along the forest. In the story, the girl goes on an adventure to find her missing husband and son. In this case, it is necessary not only to drift but also to solve puzzles and reveal the reason for family members’ mysterious disappearance.

Worthy Mentions

  • CarX Rally is a solid rally simulator that surpasses all available mobile games in this genre in terms of graphics.
  • KartRider Rush + – races on maps with a storyline; cars and racers can be customized
  • Grand Truck Simulator 2 – trucker simulator; turn the steering wheel and carry out orders

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