Board game Everdell will be transferred to mobile phones

Publisher Dire Wolf Digital will release an interesting Everdell project on iOS and Android. The release may take place at the end of July.

Everdell is originally a physical board game with cards and city building. So, it will be transferred to smartphones, it can happen as early as July 28 – this date is indicated in the App Store. Unfortunately, or fortunately, the project will be premium: they will ask for it about 899 rubles. Your task is to create your own forest civilization in 4 seasons, that is, a whole year. In the end, the one whose city has earned the most points wins. Developer Everdell promises cross-platform and multiplayer, as well as solo challenges and skirmishes with smart AI.

Rules of the game in Everdell

  • Send a worker to search for the following resources: berries, branches, resin, pebbles and cards;
  • Play a card (there can be a maximum of 15 building and creature cards in a city). Cards generate resources, unlock new abilities and increase your points;
  • Prepare for the next season: As the seasons change, workers return home and prepare for the challenges ahead.

How many people can play Everdell?

In Everdell, 2 to 4 people build their forest kingdom at the same time. Since the rules of the game and the depth of strategy are considered average by the standards of board games, it is better for gamers to familiarize themselves with the physical version in advance or just be fans of this genre.

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